The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) is an intergovernmental mechanism for dialogue and political agreement, which includes permanently thirty-three countries in Latin America and the Caribbean for the first time.It was created with a commitment to advance the gradual process of regional integration, unity and carefully balancing political, economic, social and cultural diversity of Latin America and the Caribbean, 600 million people
Since its launch in December 2011, the CELAC has helped to deepen respectful dialogue among all countries in the region in areas such as social development, education, nuclear disarmament, family farming, culture, finance, energy and the environment.After two years of work, the CELAC has encouraged Latin American and Caribbean vision itself as a community of nations, capable of dialogue and consensus building on issues of common interest.
By mandate of the Heads of State and Government, CELAC is the unified voice of the region on issues of consensus; He is the only speaker who, after following the procedural rules can promote and project the voice of Latin America and the Caribbean in the discussion of important global issues, looking for a better insertion and positioning of the region internationally.
Regarding the representation of Latin America and the Caribbean, CELAC takes its faculties to act as spokesman for the Community with other countries and regional blocs. This includes the CELAC dialogue with the European Union, the Forum of CELAC-China Dialogue Mechanism with the Russian Federation, and approachements with the Republic of Korea, the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, Turkey and Japan.
CELAC is the successor of the Rio Group and the Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean on Integration and Development (CALC). In July 2010, the CELAC selected former president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez and Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, as co-chairs of the forum to draw up constitutions for the President of Cuba Raul Castro is leading organization.Presently CELAC. The next summit will be held in Cuba in 2014.
On February 23, 2010, Latin American leaders at the 23 Rio Group summit in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico, said they were forming an organization of Latin America and the Caribbean. Once it has developed its letter, the group was formally established in July 2011, at a summit, Venezuela.
As President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon declared: “We have decided, for the first time to form the Community of Latin American and Caribbean as comprises all regional states space.” Calderon said: “We can not remain disunited; We can not succeed in the future based on our differences; Now it’s up to us to unite undiscounted things that make us different to unite on the basis of our similarities far outweigh our differences.
The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) is a regional forum that brings together all of Latin America and the Caribbean. He aspires to be a unique voice and structured decision-making policy decisions in the political and cooperation in support of regional integration programs. .
It was incorporated in the “Unity Summit” (Riviera Maya, Mexico, February 23-24, 2010) from the decisions taken at the Summit of the Rio Group XXI (GRIO) and the Second Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean on Integration and Development (CALC) held on those days. The CELAC was formally institutionalized and commissioning at the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Rio Group and CALC, held in Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, on 2 and 3 December 2011.
In Caracas / 2011 Summit adopted some important documents, including: the Declaration of Caracas, the Caracas Action Plan, the Statute of Procedures, the Special Declaration on the Defense of Democracy and Constitutional Order in the Community of Latin American and Caribbean (ECLAC), on the Falkland Islands Special Report and a Communication on the total elimination of nuclear Weapons.Such statements, three initiatives Argentina (Malvinas question on Food and Nutritional Security, financial speculation and excessive volatility of food prices on food and together with Brazil in the twentieth anniversary of the ABACC).
The countries forming the CELAC are: Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Granada, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago. Uruguay and Venezuela
What purpose this mechanism created?
In order to promote regional integration and sustainable development, political cooperation, regional comprehensive agenda in forums: position the region to events of international scope; Promote dialogue with other States and regional organizations; Promote regional and subregional institutions for cooperation and communication between organizations, etc.
What is the way they work and why they chose to work well?
CELAC is not supported by a Secretariat or receives contributions from Member States. that makes decisions by consensus and is governed by rules adopted by the Heads of State and Government Summit in Caracas 2011, the State holding the Presidency Pro Tempore was Chile from December 2011 to January 2012, followed by Cuba, 2003 and currently Costarica. and is assisted by a Troika comprising also the country precededs.
During its first year, which developments have been the best and in what field? During its first year, which developments have been the best and in what field?
During 2012 the Pro-Tempore. President of Chile has launched CELAC and coordinated implementation of the mandates contained in the Declaration and Plan of Action-Caracas has been active as the First Meeting of Foreign Ministers of CELAC Troika (January), the First Meeting of Foreign Ministers in New York CELAC (September), participation in the United Nations General Assembly, in the subject area over forty issues’, highlighting the agreements reached at the meeting on Humanitarian Assistance, Energy, Finance, Infrastructure and Physical Integration, Environment, Immigration, cooperation and a Symposium on “advances and Challenges in Scientific Research on Treatment, Vaccine and drug Addiction Strategies. ”
In international, were well received in this forum. As a result of the agreement to provide a forum for cooperation with China, strengthen ties with India, the meetings with the Russian Federation, the Republic of Korea, the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, Turkey was established, Australia and New Zealand, we take note of the progress in the dialogue on regional integration. .
What are the main objectives of this I CELAC Summit?
Evaluate-approve work and actions to be taken by the CELAC in 2013 This will consist of the Declaration and Plan of Action in Santiago. It will also give a pattern to guide the work of the Sub-Regional integration through quantifiable and measurable objectives and mechanisms.
There will be pre-First Summit?
Prior to the Summit of Heads of State have held preparatory meetings of the Troika, the Fourth Meeting of National Coordinators and the Second Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs. During the year there have been around 15 meetings of various materials that were considered at the Summit.
What topics were discussed and what were the results of these were preparatory meetings?
Troika Meetings of the National Coordinators and Ministerial Relations CELAC coordinated decisions and resolutions to the preparation of the contract to be approved by the Heads of State Summit, including sectoral issues. This area includes sthe approval of the schedule of meetings of the Community, agreements reached in thematic meetings, efforts and activities in the region, as well as general and modifications to work procedures.
After Chile gave the president pro tempore, who is responsible and how to continue the work?
The Republic of Cuba has assumed the Presidency Pro Tempore of CELAC in 2013 and his task was to coordinate the implementation of the Declaration and plan of Action Santiago, to which we have referred. Costa Rica has assumed the presidency in 2014 after the First Summit of CELAC Troika consisted of Cuba, Chile, Costa Rica and Haiti in his capacity as Chairman of CARICOM. Latest on the extent of the Troika, adopted at the Summit of Santiago.
We are confident that this second year of operation of the CELAC, was the consolidation of democratic institutions, and to progress in the commands to be executed by this forum.
Economy in Latin America is experiencing tremendous growth due to the large domestic market, the export of commodities and merger of goods and services across the region will result in an increase in consumption by raising the quality of America of life in most of their countries. But it still must make an effort to rescue 30% of the poor population still exists in the region.
With a GDP of around $ 7 trillion dollars is the third largest economy in the world and the largest food producer in the world and third largest producer of electricity.
In recent years there have been the best advances in the political, economic and social level, producing rapid growth in virtually all countries.
Largest economy in Latin America is Brazil, with a GDP (PPP) of $ 2.293 million (2011). Globally ranked sixth best economy and Brazil’s success is a great inspiration for Celac member states . It is included in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).
I- December2011 Venezuela- Caracas
II- January 2013 Chile-Santiago
III-December ,2014 ,Havana -Cuba
IV- January 28-29, 2015 Costa Rica -Belén,Heredia

V- January 2016 , Quito-Ecuador

VI-January 2017 , Dominican Republic

VII-january 2018 , El Salavador

Luca G.Scannura-Necdet Hincal-Orlando Sotolongo-

As the ex-president of Mexico said ‘Antes todo,somos pueblos hermanos’


Celac international is a mechanism created to represent ,promote and protect the interests of the member states of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States and its citizens.
This mechanism and project is inspiration by the noble Commandant JUGO CHAVEZ FRIAZ of Venezuela who inspired both the people of Latin America and Caribbean and people of the world from Asia to Africa and Middle East.I .
We believe that Celac is beyond common political ideas of left or is the social justice and equality desired for humankind.We can continue discover life in other planets but we do not have to destroy the life on this mother earth.We dont want to see people in need of simple clothing and food while below where they live is rich in minerals and natural resources.So our projects are being created to help the lives of Celac citizens improve in and outside of the celac zone.
This mechanism brings together Mision Celac which is the first and only NGO of CELAC created official in April 2012 , with Celac International trading ,project management and consulting company which is the only company registered with the name of CELAC in 2013.
In promoting and protecting the interests of Celac ,we will be working together with the official administration of CELAC.In realizing our vision we will be setting up offices in various countries begining with Canada,United States,Turkey,Korea ,Saudi Arabia,Russian Federation ,China,Ethiopia.Our head quarters will be based in Havana -Cuba and Caracas-Venezuela
Through our offices we will provide assistance icluding information and integration to our citizens such as studenst, visitors,businessmen and immigrants.We will be with and for our citizens wherever they are.
Our vision is to bring the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States to the level of advanced nations through development projects which are being prepared by our experts and specialist in their respective fields such as ; health,insfructure,construction,teelcommunication,education and international trade.
We will make 21st century ‘Century of the Commmunity of Latin American and Caribbean States’.We hope to be a model of hope , inspiration and motivation for all developing nations.Our policy is’ We win , you win!You win, we win’.
This precious mother earth has sufficient natural sources for all of us to live a descent life.We are ready and will be happy to share our success and experiences with every nation in a respectful way regardless of their ethnic,religious and social background of them .We are waiting for you to discover our community with open arms..Welcome to our community Welcome to our CELAC.


Following the formal establishment of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States in December 2011 in Caracas, Venezuela by the heads of States of LatinAmerica and the Caribbean, we the people of Latin America and the Caribbean and all the people who see this unification both as a benefit to the region, and also necessary for the prosperity and happiness of all mankind, has decided to register the first NGO of Latin America and Caribbean states on April 11, 2012 in Canada.

The organization is registered with the NGO Branch of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations in February 2013 ( .We decided to start this Organization with the significant motto of noble leader Fidel R.Castro “In life there are two important things: Ideas and people”. We believe that we are the people and we have the idea! Our idea is “A Community of Latin American and Caribbean states;Strong, United,Prosperous and Advance.

Mision CELAC not only represent interests of Member States, but also works to protect its citizens by providing assistance during the process of temporary and permanent integration in Canada, USA and around the world in collaboration with the embassies of member states of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean states.

Our organization will be also at the service of American Citizens of Latin America and Caribbean origin who constitutes one third of the US. population. ‘We are and we will always be at your sides.Our organization has the sole purpose of serving as a gateway between the Member States CELAC and the world.

Dr.Leonella Lucero


Celac International


On November5, 2013  CELAC International Trading, Project Management and Consulting was officially incorporated. The Company plans promoting and protecting the economic interests of Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

Our Company will organize trade missions and exhibitions ensuring that the companies of member states of CELAC can locate international trade opportunities and promote CELAC member states’ products and services attracting investment to the industries of the strategic economic sectors of CELAC

Our aim is to introduce our companies to the productive structure and other selected CELAC Initiatives designed to strengthen CELAC’s great economic achievement .

The member state Brazil’s economic achievement is an inspiration for the community’s other members.We aim at attracting foreign direct investment into CELAC and seek to allocate resources in the industries of strategic relevance for the development of CELAC and competitiveness of companies and of the community itself.

Our next step is to set-up permanent trade fairs and exhibition places open year around outside CELAC memeber states’s frontiers in cities: such as Istanbul (Turkey), Mecca (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and Los Angeles and Miami (United States), Toronto and Montreal (Canada) and Moscow (Russian Federation). New York (USA) and Seoul (Korea) and Islamabad (Pakistan)

The vision of this company is to be future External Trade Office of CELAC.

Ricardo C. Bautista & Ibrahim Cakmakci



Doctors For Humanity International is Canadian-International NGO incorporated in Canada under Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act by doctors graduated from Cuban Medical Schools and registered in the official database of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs as an NGO since 2014. (

We are hoping to save lives while saving money with the implementation of Cuban style preventive medicine.Our Motto is preventive medicine with preventive measures. We believe that by implementing Cuban style preventive measures we can protect people before their health reaches treatment level.

Our vision is to introduce Cuban style preventive medicine with preventive measures to the countries and needed areas of the world with limited human and financial resources.We are planing and hoping to save both money and lives as in the great example of Cuba.Our pilot project will be introduced in Pakistan soon  with our 1.000 doctors who are ready to serve the humanity.

We are team of doctors not only took the oath to serve humanity but also determined to go every part of the earth. Our mission is to make sure that there will be no town ,no village without a doctor.We appreciate what Cuba has given to us “Free education” .

We believe that introducing the Cuban preventive medicine to the world is a small token of our appreciation to the noble Commandant FIDEL CASTRO and his hospitable people . Cuban teachers thought us both how to treat patients and that every human being deserves medical help regardless of his or ethnic,religious and socio-economic background.

Our vision is to get connected with over 20.000 doctors from various countries of the world who graduated from Cuban Medical Schools and go to every corner of the world reaching communities without doctors.



“Una idea nacio en Cuba, creció en la CELAC, creada en Canadá oficialmente por los graduados de ELAM y listo para servir al mundo y los pueblos incondicionalmente con el amor y el conocimiento avanzado de la medicina preventiva”

Dr.Sanam Ghunio